Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is professionally cleaned to ensure it arrives to you in beautiful condition. Here are a few guidelines to follow to guarantee its longevity:

Gemstones: Hot water, chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners should always be avoided, particularly soft or brittle stones such as opals, pearls, turquoise, tanzanite and emerald. Most items can be cleaned using warm soapy water and soft toothbrush and dried with a lint free cloth. We advise using a qualified working jeweller to clean your jewellery for future maintenance.

Sterling silver jewellery: Sterling silver will tarnish over time and exposure to the atmosphere may cause your item to become tarnished. In order to restore its shine, please use a non - abrasive jewellery cloth. Muzo Vintage stocks a complete range of cleaning products recommended for use on all our jewellery. Please see our ‘Town Talk’ solution products for all your jewellery cleaning requirements.

Fresh water and cultured pearls: Pearls must be treated with special care as it is an organic material and susceptible to damage from hairspray and perfume. This will slowly degrade the nacre that surrounds the pearl. Always apply cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before wearing your pearls. Never spray perfume directly on to pearls and only use a soft cloth to clean if necessary.

Storage: Your jewellery should be stored separately from other jewellery items as metals and stones can scratch one another.

Wearing:  We recommend removing jewellery before showering or bathing, particularly at the beach, sea and swimming pools. Remove your jewellery before bedtime. This will help to maintain your jewellery's appearance and longevity.

If you have any queries on caring for your jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.